Sunday, February 12, 2012

Theives among us. Rebekah Herzberg. Plagiarism. Plagiarist. Theif.

Plagiarism. It's an ugly word that people who spend their time writing hate the most. Plagiarism is when one person takes the words of someone else and claims them as their own. This is something Rebekah claims to have never done. The truth must come out and she must answer to it. So must the people who still support her "career". When you steal from one you steal from all.

Here is apologizing for her. They don't use her name but the comments tell you who it is about. This is after she stole reviews from many websites and never sourced one word. The majority of each review was stolen:

Saved example
 Stolen work starts from second paragraph

Here is a screen capture that was taken today February 12, 2012 of a review on her personal blog I know she will take this down as soon as this is shown so I have included the boarders of her site for comparison. She will probably change those too just to hide:
Look at the entire paragraph. It was originally taken from
You can google the first few sentences and it will come up in the engine. Here is the screen capture:
This is not the only time. had to fire her and remove her reviews. had to remove her reviews and erase her from their site as well. She talks very badly in public about both sites to try and hide what she does. She is still stealing as you see above.

She also makes fake profiles to attack other sites and people while making it look like she has support. Here is one of the profiles. Amber Congia. Model. Mother. Wife. But only talks about Rebekah? You decide.

Look at the link that was posted. This is another site she created to promote herself under the guise this was a separate person.
Talking to ones self is never healthy. Under the attempt to promote yourself or not people do not go this far without having something to hide.
Here is another capture to show her talking to herself. This does not prove she is a thief but it does show her character. Read how she plays good cop/bad cop with her Amber profile:
The above conversation was about a woman named Elske McCain. McCain is mentally ill and pregnant.

Besides plagiarizing materials from writers that have written for prominent websites such as Rue Morgue, Fangoria, Bloody-Disgusting and Dread Central she also sets out to destroy the reputations of those she has worked with and for in order to cover what she has done. Fact is that over one hundred reviews have had to be removed due to her stealing content. This has to stop.
She is now working with film makers and publications in Texas who should be just the people to revolt against behaviors like this. We can not find the publications since there is no web record of them but she has lied about writing for crime sites before and also claimed she would start writing for Fangoria but this has not happened yet. Please do not support this type of behavior by supporting someone who knowingly steals from other people. Plagiarism of this statute has not happened since the likes of David Boyer.

The truth must come out. Support it and spread it.

 More comes in.

Stolen review

stolen from

Stolen review

stolen from


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    1. Rebekah attacks to cover up. Her fights include Elske McCain as mentioned above, Allison Grace who she made of profile of and then blamed it on other people, editor of who had to remove her stolen reviews, and more. She also creates profiles like you have seen above to defend herself. We are waiting for her to do it here. Please help us spread the word stealing content will not be tolerated. People who support thieves will not be supported. No amount of naked photographs will take away from what she has done and never admitted or apologize for. The truth must be told.

    2. Allison Grace is my friend. Lie. I didn't even have internet access when all of this supposedly happened because my computer was out of commission for 3 months. Get your facts straight!

  2. Not only does she steal other people's work, but she also steals other people's comments on other blogs. Look up her blog "Bands That Suck Dick". Read her "thoughts" on Buck Cherry. Then go here...
    Read the story then continue on down and read the comments. She picked bits and pieces out of the comments. Also, just about, not all, but most of the opinions on the bands were ripped off. Copy and paste a sentence into google search, you'll see. It's really so pathetic. The poor girl had to steal everything, because she doesn't have an original thought in her brain. Oh and Lord help your soul if you make a simple grammar error on her site or Facebook, you're deemed "stupid and useless".

  3. Good job misspelling "theives" and "theif." Morons.

  4. This IS Rebekah Herzberg. It took me a few years to go back and read this as I had no concern over the issue within the past few years. There are things very true and untrue about this blog and it's about time I made it public.

    1. Yes I did take small passages from other reviews years ago. Even thought I had been writing my own reviews for years prior to this event, I had no idea what I was doing was wrong. I usually credited the source, sometimes I forgot. Not that that's any excuse and I apologized. I have apologized several times for this mistake, despite what this ridiculous blog claims.

    2. As for the posts on my blog regarding the true crime editions, it's just my personal blog. This is not a website where I get paid. I simply ranted on about my passion for solving these crimes and the mystery behind them. I always listed a source for some of the material only once I had forgotten, ONCE! But I did add the source right away after someone pointed out that I did not.

    3. This blog claims I talked badly about ScreamTV. Not once did I ever and will I EVER say a single bad word about that site and the staff. They're amazing people. I did have words to say about that have been said by many before.

    4. I don't make fake profiles to attack other sites. I use my own name. The person in question here, Amber Congia, is a real person with whom I have several pictures with and attends Texas Frightmare Weekend every year and has met several of my friends who also have pictures of her. Proof is on her page if you're THAT bored to blog about all of this. Your claims of her only talking about me are ridiculous since her page is private and only promotional posts were public. Think about it.

    5. I never made a website to interview myself. That is beyond crazy. I get interviewed on the internet and in person all the time, what benefits would I receive from this? Not to mention, the website in question has several other interviews with other models and actresses on the web.

    6. You mention that Elske McCain is mentally ill and pregnant. I was 5-months pregnant when you posted this blog. This woman harassed me on my twitter and facebook on a daily basis making fake pages of my dead grandmother, friends of mine, and sent me pictures of concentration camps with captions that said, "Hey you Jew cunt, go jump into an oven."

    7. I never plagiarized material from Rue Morgue, Bloody Disgusting, nor Dread Central. This is a flat out lie with no proof. I never lied about writing for crime sites, I have written for two, Dreamin Demon being one. Fangoria DID ask me to write an article for them IN PERSON but the film I was suppose to review was never sent and they gave the article to someone else.

    8. Allison Grace is my friend. I talk to her on the phone all the time. That remark is a complete lie.

    9. If people really thought I was a plagiarist, I wouldn't be writing for other sites and chosen to host horror conventions and film festivals. I work hard and all of my words are my own. Don't let one past discrepancy from years ago along with complete lies steer your opinion. All you have to do is talk to me.

    If you want the truth to come out, at least post the truth and not tons of malarkey. Any of you can contact me at

  5. The person who made this blog also stalked and commented on my blog regularly. They even posted on blogs and podcasts from friends of mine using a fake name 'Horror Year Book" then later when we called him out he said, "Like I would really use my own name or link so you could harass me." I don't even know who you are (I have my suspicions) yet you seen to spend a lot of time stalking and harassing a pregnant woman.

  6. One of the trolling memes they made of me while I was pregnant before my grandmother died. This blog is complete troll fest. Please take down this photo of my grandmother you sickos.